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Friday, August 7, 2020

RODD AK-50 USB Condenser Microphone Cardioid Studio Recording Vocals Voice Microphone Volume Control with Foldable Tripod For Mac Laptop PC Computer

RODD AK-50 USB Condenser Microphone Cardioid Studio Recording Vocals Voice Microphone Volume Control with Foldable Tripod For Mac Laptop PC Computer


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◆ With the USB terminal to supply power, the condenser microphone needs no sound card or other assistive devices.
◆Cardioid pick-up pattern minimizes background noise and isolates the main sound source.
◆Rotate the button to adjust the volume
◆20Hz-20kHz makes vocal performances sound clear, natural and vibrant.
◆Uni-directional microphone pattern, minimize the surrounding noise
◆Large condenser microphone element for warm, rich recordings
◆Overload-protection switch, minimize distortion from loud sound sources
◆Bass-reduction switch reduces room noise
◆With professional amplifier chip, you can amplify the output volume of the microphone up to 25 times
◆With a stand, firmly hold the mirophone
◆With a clip, easy to clip on any instrument
◆Ideal for radio broadcasting studio, voice-over sound studio, recording etc.

Brand: RODD
Model: AK-50
Color: Black
Directivity: Omni directional
Microphone material:Metal,plastic
Frequency response:20 hz-20khz
Sensitivity:-34 dB ± 2 db
Equivalent noise level 16 dba
Power supply mode: USB DC5V
USB interface: USB 2.0
Signal to noise ratio:78 decibels
Compatible:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Mac
Cable length:2.5 m
Color box size: 21 * 14.5 * 6 CM
Weight: 0.6KG
Package Included: 

1 * USB Microphone
1 * Metal Tripod Stand
1 * USB Audio Cable 2.5m
1 * English Instruction Manual



Thursday, August 6, 2020

Hantek 2D82 AUTO Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter 4 in1 2 Channels 80MHz Signal Source Automotive Diagnostic 250MSa/s

Hantek 2D82 AUTO Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter 4 in1 2 Channels 80MHz Signal Source Automotive Diagnostic 250MSa/s

An all-new handheld oscilloscope-Hantek2000 series, it continues the compact and lightweight concept but with a new period of 4 in 1 multifunction tester: Automotive Diagnostic, oscilloscope, signal source and multimeter; A small volume of the non-profit grip by a single hand; The suspendingstand was designed to support multi-angle adjustment; Ultra-low-power, Type C charging interface, each 2 hours battery charge allow working one full day or standbytwo months; High-definition color LCD screen display clear and delicate; Minimalist keyboard design simplifyoperation, easy to use.
With more than 80 kinds of car testing, and scan the QR code on the back of device can open video help files to show you how to test vehicles.
· First test projects: intake manifold vacuum degree & ignition, lampblack adjustment valve vacuum degree & ignition, exhaust ignition (idle), exhaust ignition (start).
· Start & Charge: Charging circuit, current and voltage.
· Actuator: Gasoline / diesel.
· Bus Detection: CAN bus data observation, CAN bus signal integrity, CAN bus LH long-term acquisition, LIN bus.
· Sensors: Air flow meter, camshaft, crankshaft, distributor, lambda sensor, throttle position. . .
· Ignition: Primary/Secondary.
· Oscilloscope:2 channels oscilloscope, 80MHz bandwidth, 250M sampling rate.
· Multimeter function: voltage, current, resistance, diode, capacitor, on-off test;
·Waveform generator output function: output sine, square, triangle, trapezoidal and other waveforms; sine up to 25MHz;

 Vehicle Testing Mode
Vehicle DiagnosisVehicle Diagnostic FunctionIgnitionPrimary Ignition (Voltage)
Primary Ignition(current)
Primary Ignition(Voltage& Current)
Primary Ignition (Crankshaft Senser)
Primary Ignition&SecondaryIgnition
SecondarySecondary Ignition Distributor Type (Plug Lead)
Secondary Ignition Distributor Type (King Lead)
Secondary DIS (Positive-fired)
Secondary DIS or CPC (Negative-fired))
Secondary Coil Output Diagnosis
Secondary Ignition&Primary Ignition
SensorsAir Flow MeterAir Flow Meter (Hotline)
Air Flow Meter (Air Vane)
Air FlowSensor (diesel)
Air Intake PressureSensor (diesel)
CamshaftCamshaft (Inductive)
Camshaft (AC Excited)
Camshaft (Hall Effect)
Camshaft (Common Rail diesel)
CrankshaftCrankshaft Inductive Running
Crankshaft Inductive Cranking
Crankshaft Hall Effect
Crankshaft Sensor &Primary Ignition
DistributorDistributor Pick-up (Hall Effect)
Distributor Inductive Pick-up Cranking
Distributor Inductive Pick-up Running
Lambda SensorsLambda Sensor Titania
Lambda Sensor Zirconia
Lambda Sensor Zirconia Pre & Post cat
Throttle PositionThrottle Position Potentiometer
Throttle Position Switch
Throttle Pedal Switch (diesel)
ABS Digital Speed Sensor
ABS Analog Speed Sensor
Coolant Temperature (5V)
Coolant Temperature (GM/Vauxhall Simtec
Crash Sensor
MAP Analog
MAP Digital
Hall Effect Road Speed Sensor
Accelerator Pedal (diesel)
Bus DiagnosisCAN BusCAN Bus Data View
CAN Bus Signal Integrity
CAN Bus LH Long Capture
EnginePetrolSingle-point Injector (Voltage)
Single-point Injector (Current)
Multi-point Injector (Voltage)
Multi-point Injector (Current)
Injector Voltage & Current
Injector Current & Primary Ignition
Oil (diesel)
Common Rail diesel (Current)
Injector CDi 3 (Current)
Injector diesel (Idling)
Injector diesel (Accelerating)
 diesel Glow Plugs
Electronic Fuel Pump
Carbon Canister Solenoid Valve
ERG Recirculation Solenoid Valve
Stepper Motor Example 1
Stepper Motor Example 2
Idle Speed Control Valve (Rotary)
Idle Speed Control Valve (Electromagmetic)
Throttle Servomotor (Idling)
Throttle Servomotor (Accelerating)
CDi3 Quantity Control Valve
CDi3 Pressure Regulator Valve
Variable-Speed Cooling Fan On
Variable-Speed Cooling Fan Off
Variable Camshaft Valve Timing
Startup & ChargeCharging CircuitsCharging Circuits Current/Voltage
Charging Circuits Current/Voltage Starting 24V
Charging Circuits Current/Voltage Idling 24V
Charging Circuits Alternator AC Ripple/Diode Diagnosis
 Relative Compression Petrol
Relative Compression diesel
Starting Voltage Drop
Oscilloscope Mode
Sample Rate Range250MSa/s(Single-channel), 125MSa/s(Dual-channel)
Waveform Interpolation(sin x)/x
Record Length3K samples per dual-channel
SEC/DIV Range5ns/div~500s/div  1, 2, 5
A/D Converter8-bit resolution,each channel sampled simultaneously
VOLTS/DIV Range10mV/div~10V/divat input BNC
Bandwidth Limit, typical20MHz
Low Frequency Response (-3db)≤10Hz at BNC
Rise Time at BNC, typical≤5ns
DC Gain Accuracy±3% for Normal or Average acquisition mode, 10V/div to 10mV/div
Note: Bandwidth reduced to 6MHz when using a 1X probe.
Acquisition ModesNormal
ModeAuto, Normal, single
Level±4 divisions from center of screen
Trigger Level Accuracy0.2div × volts/div within ±4 divisions from center of screen   
SlopeRising, Falling, Rising & Falling
CouplingDC, AC or GND
Input Impedance, 25pF±3 pF, 1MΩ±2%
DC coupled
Probe Attenuation1X, 10X
Supported Probe Attenuation Factors1X, 10X, 100X, 1000X
Maximum Input Voltage150VRMS
CursorVoltage difference between cursors: △V
Time difference between cursors: △T
Automatic MeasurementsFrequency, Amplitude
Arbitrary Waveform Generator Mode
Waveform FrequencySine: 1Hz~25MHz
Square: 1Hz~10MHz
Ramp: 1Hz~1MHz
EXP: 1Hz~5MHz
5Vpp(High impedance)
Frequency Resolution0.001
Channel1CH waveform output
Waveform Depth512Sa
Vertical Resolution12 bit
Frequency Stability<30ppm
Output Impedance50 Ω
DMM Testing Modes
Maximum Resolution4000 Counts
DMM Testing ModesVoltage,Current,Resistance,Capacitance,Diode &On-Off
Maximum Input VoltageAC:600V, DC: 800V
Maximum Input CurrentAC: 10A, DC:10A
Input Impedance10MΩ
Measurement TermRangeAccuracyResolution
DC Voltage400.00mV± (0.8% + 5)100uV
600.0V± (1% + 2)1V
Overload protection: 400mV: 250V, other: 600Vrms.
AC Voltage4.000V± (1.2% + 5)1mV
600.0V±(1.5% + 5)1V
Frequency: 40Hz~400Hz;
Frequency of 400V and 600V: 40Hz~100Hz
DC Current40.00mA± (1% + 2)10uA
200.0mA± (1.5% + 2)100uA
4.000A± (1.8% + 2)1mA
10.00A± (3% + 2)10mA
Overload protection: 
self restoring fuse: 200mA/250V, 4A and 10A range no fuse.
AC Current40.00mA± (1.3% + 2)10uA
400.0mA± (1.8% + 2)100uA
4.000A± (2% + 3)1mA
10.00A± (3% + 5)10mA
Frequency: 40Hz~400Hz;
self restoring fuse: 200mA/250V, 4A and 10A range no fuse.
Resistance400.0Ω±(1% + 3)0.1Ω
4.000KΩ±(1.2% + 5)
40.00MΩ± (1.5%±3)10KΩ
Overload protection: 220Vrms
Capacitance40.00nF±(3% + 5)10pF
Overload protection: 220Vrms
General Specifications
Display Type2.8 inch 64K color TFT
Display Resolution320 horizontal by 240 vertical pixels
Display ContrastAdjustable
Power Supply
Supply Voltage100V-240VAC, 50Hz-60Hz; DC INPUT: 5VDC, 2A
Power Consumption<2.5W
FuseT, 3A
Operating Temperature0~50 °C (32~122 °F)
Storage Temperature-40~+71 °C (-40~159.8 °F)
Humidity≤+104°(≤+40°C): ≤90% relative humidity
106°~122° (+41°C ~50°C): ≤60% relative humidity
Cooling MethodConvection
AltitudeOperating and3,000m (10,000 feet)
Mechanical ShockRandom Vibration0.31gRMS from 50Hz to 500Hz, 10 minutes on each a'xis
Nonoperating2.46gRMS from 5Hz to 500Hz, 10 minutes on each a'xis
Operating50g, 11ms, half sine

Dotbit Cloned Prusa I3 MK3 Bear Full Kit 3D Printer 2040 SLOT Aluminum Profiles Kit with MK52 Magnetic Heated Bed Set/Einsy Board

Note: it is not included power cable. But it is suit for 110-220V to work.


Stronger and quieter
Easier to maintain and adjust
Use as many original parts as possible (no need to change a new RAMBo cover nor change any cable, rods or firmware)
Compatible with MK2, MK2s, MK2.5 and MK3
Use more aluminum and fewer printed parts (3D printed parts can crack and are less reliable)
Use Openbuilds hardware:
Single platform of multiple compatible hardware components
V aSlot offer more options for printed parts and customization than T-Slot
Open source with powerful community
Easy to square and build
Worldwide shipping plus several other stores sell these parts
Other type of aluminum profiles can be supported thanks to parametric design (check Fusion 360 files)
3D printed parts designed using advanced techniques such as selective infill, clean vertical holes, sharp angle ...
Open source by STL, STAP and Autodesk Fusion 360 files
Z engines can be easily removed for maintenance
Fix some dimensional errors of z-axis from Original Prusa i3

Attension: It is not including Printed parts. If  you want more, you can refer this link.

Package Included:

1.The kit contains what is in the BOM:
V slots 1x331mm + 331mm + 290mm, 2x359mm + 370mm
Tee-nuts M5-31x
M5 spring pad-16x
M5x8mm low profile screw-4x
M5x10mm low profile screw-17x
M5x12mm low profile screw-14x
Self Tapping Screw M5 - 4x
Set screw 4mm M5 - 8x
M3x12mm hexagon socket screw-10x
Zip ties 2.5x100mm -20x
2.Y carriage*1
3.370mm smooth rods*2+330mm smooth rods*2+320mm smooth rods*2
4.MK52 magnetic heated bed*1+steel sheet*1+PEI*2
5.30CM Textile Sleeve Cable Wire*1
6.Motor kit-Nema 17 stepper motor and z axis 320mm motor
7.filament sensor with cable*1
8.power panice with cable and switch*1
9.P.I.N.D.A V2 *1
10.power supply*1
11.Stainless Steel U-bolts*3
13.Antivibration Feet*4
14.4010 FAN*1
15.5015 FAN*1
16.HeatSink Extruder Radiator Kit*1
17.50CM Textile Sleeve Cable Wire*1
18.HT-NTC100K Thermistor Temperature Sensor 1m *1
19.24V 50W Ceramic Cartridge Heater 1M*1
20.1 M PTFE Tube Teflonto gear extruder kit
22.2m belt with 2pcs pulley
24.aluminum spacer*9
25. 1set the whole screw nut kit

Monday, August 3, 2020

TWO TREES® TT-1S 3D Printer Light-weighted Beginner DIY Kit 180x180x180mm Printing Area Cantilever Design with 3.5Inch Touch Screen / Power Resume / Titan Extruder Support Multi-Language

TWO TREES® TT-1S 3D Printer Light-weighted Beginner DIY Kit 180x180x180mm Printing Area Cantilever Design with 3.5Inch Touch Screen / Power Resume / Titan Extruder Support Multi-Language


Screen: 3.5 Inch Full Color Touch Screen

Moving Speed: 1000mm/s MAX

Printing Speed: 300mm/s

Transmission Structure: I3

Filament: 1.75mm

Nozzle: 0.4mm

HotBed Size: 180x180mm

Software Format: STL,OBJ,JPG

Print File Format: Gcode

Printing Accuracy: ±0.05mm

Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm

Printing Method: TF Card/Online

XY Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.01mm

Z Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.002mm

Material: PLA.ABS.PETG.Wooden Filament

Language: EN/RU/ES/FR/IT

Package Included:

1* TT-1S 3D Printer Kit

CENAVA W10PRO Intel Celeron N3350 Dual Core 4GB RAM 128GB ROM 10.1 Inch Windows 10 Tablet with Keyboard

CENAVA W10PRO Intel Celeron N3350 Dual Core 4GB RAM 128GB ROM 10.1 Inch Windows 10 Tablet with Keyboard

Main Features:
Windows 10 System
Windows 10 focus on user experience at all level,the classic layout and return of start menu,you will like it.
Intel Celeron N3350 1.1GHz, up to 2.4GHz 
is based on the Apollo Lake platform,the chip is manufactured in a 14 nm process (P1273) with FinFETs. It runs at 1.1 - 2.4 GHz.The HD Graphics 500 is based on Intel's Gen9 architecture, Equipped with 12 EUs and a clock of up to 650 MHz.
10.1 inch 10-point IPS Touch Screen 
1280 x 800 resolution brings you high contrast and more vivid visual experience.
4G large RAM to keep system running properly. Also 128G ROM can fully support all your apps and media needs.





Interl Celeron N3350




Dual Core up to 2.4GHz


Windows 10








10.1 Inch IPS Capacitive Screen




Front camera 2.0MP,Rear camera 5.0MP









 WIFI 802.11/b/g/n or ac/ a/b/g/n






Not Supports




Not Support



Audio & Video













1 x Type-C Port

1 x USB 3.0 Port

1 x Micro HD Port

1 x DC Jack(12V/2A)

1 x Micro SD slot (Maximum support 64G)

Package Included

Package Included

 1 x CENAVA W10PRO Tablet PC

 1 x Charger

 1 x Adapter (the adapter depends on the country of the buyer)

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Wifi 4K 30 Frames Double Lens Sports Camera DV Outdoor Recorder with Remote Control Waterproof

Wifi 4K 30 Frames Double Lens Sports Camera DV Outdoor Recorder with Remote Control Waterproof


Hardware Specification
WaterPoof Methodneed waterproof case
WaterPoof shellNeed 
Waterproof Depth30M
DSPLianyong 96660
COMS SensorSONY IMX 117(12M)
Viewing Angle 170º
Audio InputMicrophone
Audio OutputSpeaker
USB interfaceUSB2.0, 5 Pin USB
StorageSupport Micro SD
(Up to 64GB)
1100mAh li-ion
 rechargeable battery
Software Specification
Video Output4k (3840*2160) 24FPS                                       2K(2560*1440)30FPS                                                                                     1920*1080 60fps
1280*720 120fps
Video FormatMP4
 Video Recording ModeLoop recording
Effective Pixels16M/14M12M/8M/5M/2M
Image FormatJPEG
Burst 3 photos per second
Shooting ModeSingle Shot / Self-timer  / Continuous Shooting
Time lapse2sec,3sec,5sec,10sec,20sec,30sec,60sec
Data StampAuto
White BalanceAuto
EV Compensation‘+-2.0 ~ +-0.3
Shutter ControlElectronic
PC CameraSupport
Rotate 180°Support
Operation systemWindowsxp/VistaorAbove/Win7/Mac os
OSD languageEnglish/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Simplied Chinese/Japanese/Traditional Chinese/ Russian


To insure video quality, please use “Quick Time Player” to play video, or choose the

TV which has 4K quality player.

Pacake Included:

1 *Waterproof Shell
1 *Frame
1 *Bicycle Bracket
1 *J-mount
1 *Tripod
3 *Screw Head 
2 *Helmet Mount 
1 *Back Clip
2 *Bandage 
1 *Data Cable
1 *Rag
1 *Wire Rope
2 *